EAS art by KED

About me
When Toy Story came out in 1995, I picked up an Etch A Sketch® and drew an picture of Woody. That is when I discovered that I could really develop this skill. In the beginning, I would complete an etch, take a picture of it and then erase it. This was stopped once the Neuschwanstein Castle was drawn. This was a three hour process and was the first detailed etch.

Since then, I have perfected a technique that can provide a shadow effect to my etches. This has increased drawing time from one to two hours, to currently taking ten to 18 hours per etch. See those that have been caught on camera in the Gallery.

I have a bacholor's degree in Film and Video Production. I am also certified for Graphic Design and Web Design.

Today, I continue to etch for my own collection as well as commissioned work for others.

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